Our Driving Concern

Employer Traffic Safety Program

Our Driving Concern is a program of the National Safety Council that provides employers with resources and tools to help reduce traffic crashes involving their employees.

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Program Overview

Our Driving Concern representatives work with employers, state and local government officials, associations and occupational health and safety leaders to raise awareness of transportation safety risks and reduce serious crash injuries and fatalities. Whether crashes occur on or off the job, involve your employees, their family members or residents in the communities where they live and work, the heartache is felt.

The workplace is an important area for prevention outreach. The impact of traffic safety reaches beyond the individual worker and can result in losses in work time and productivity and increases in employer costs for insurance premiums. Our Driving Concern leaders rely on evidence-based strategies to help employers build a culture of traffic safety and reduce risky behaviors like distracted and impaired driving. To its partners, the program offers free education, training and resources. The goal is to save money and save lives.

Why Our Driving Concern?

  1. In the U.S., employers spend billions on crash-related costs every year, including property damage and medical care expenses. Our Driving Concern participating organizations report increased employee safety engagement, reductions in workers’ compensation claims and across-the-board cost savings.
  2. Free training can be used to complement your current health and safety program. The content is ready to use – turnkey in nature – and flexible enough to meet employee training needs. Our Driving Concern is for everyone – employers large and small. Our team can work alongside yours to tailor free safety solutions for all industries.